Needless to say, your Valentine’s Day is going to be a little bit different than ones in the past. But whether you’re going to visit friends and relatives or just want to send them a token of your love, flowers are always a good way to do so. If you are going to order online, use flowers deals and rebates to be sure you are getting the best deal and the most points.

The nice thing about the holiday gifts is that not only are flowers easy to arrange but also the variety of points and rebates that are available. You no longer need to find a local florist. Rather, you can use a wire service, such as FTD or 1-800-FLOWERS, to arrange them for you. You’ll pay a small service charge, but it’s better than having to pick them up yourself.

Understand YOUR Value Proposition

Remember, you need to be getting a great value proposition if you are going to order flowers online. Otherwise, it does not make sense. For some, earning extra Caesars Rewards Points that they will use for lounge access has a huge value. For others, such as the author of this article, the “free” Diet Pepsis are just not that valuable.

chase offers flowers - flowers deals and rebates best offers flowers
Chase Offers – Available For Many Of Their Credit Card Products
Do Not Forget To Check; These Offers Are Stackable

One upside: If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, check the offers on your app. We’ve seen an offer for an additional 12% back. You may be able to stack both together.

One downside: You will usually only get points on the purchase price itself, not service fees.

There are numerous services available, so I wanted to look at a few of the biggest ones. Here we go.

Flowers Deals and Rebates


  • Rakuten has the best cash deal, with a 25% rebate on purchases through their site. If you’re a new Rakuten customer, they’ll give you an additional $10.
  • Mr. Rebates, my personal favorite, also has a great deal. Order through their site, and they’ll give you a whopping 18% cash rebate.
  • Like your Caesars Rewards points? Check out their portal to pick up 30 points per dollar spent. Or, if you’re Caesars Diamond, use them for Laurel Lounge access. Just $50 spent on flowers will get you 1,500, more than enough for entry.
  • United leads the mileage charge with 15 miles per dollar spent.


  • Rakuten has the best cash deal, with a 25% rebate on purchases through their site. Like with 1-800-FLOWERS, if you’re a new Rakuten customer, they’ll give you an additional $10.
  • If you’re not into cash, you’ve got some good airline miles promotions. The Big 3 (American, Delta, and United) all offer 30 miles per dollar spent. If you value miles at 1.5 cents each, you’re getting almost half of your spending back.


  • Once again, Rakuten is the best offer, with 25% back on all purchases. Most mileage plans are weak, with the best at 12X from American.

The Bottom Line

You may not have a personal florist, but you don’t need one these days. And the offers from the big wire services will make sure that you have plenty to spend in the future.