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Credit Card Bonus - Chase Sapphire Preferred

?? INCREDIBLE Credit Card Bonus – 80k Bonus – Chase Sapphire Preferred

We're big fans of free stuff around here. Free air, free hotel, free money? We like all of them. And when it comes risk-free freebies with a bunch of other benefits, we like them even more. So here's a look at today's card deal of the month, because the bonuses are whoppers, and there are some benefits that prove particularly useful in addition to the credit card bonus....
Shouldn't Get A Rewards Credit Card

When You Shouldn’t Get A Rewards Credit Card

As a rule of thumb, credit cards are a good way to get a lot of reward points fast. We see plenty of deals that offer hundreds of dollars, tens of thousands of points or other huge bonuses just for signing up and doing a little spending on the card. But this article about when you shouldn't get a rewards credit card is still worth a read....