Ahh, the American Express Rose Gold Card. Imagine. It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re presenting your loved one with their gift. Their eyes widen as you pull out roses your Rose Gold American Express card. I can’t think of anything better. (Ok, the Amex Gold Bonus Offer is better!) Then again, I’m the guy who flew to India twice just for the miles and elite status, so my viewpoint may be a bit skewed.

AMEX Gold Bonus Offer – 60K Points

They’ll start you off with 60,000 American Express Membership Rewards points when you $4,000 within the first six months. That’s $600, but the better play is to exchange them into airline miles. You should be able to get a business class ticket or a couple of coach tickets out of them.

P.S. There’s an annual fee with the card, but that’s a red herring. Ignore it for now. You’ll see why later.

AMEX 60K Points Bonus Offer | American Express 60K Points Bonus
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The Best Card To Have If You Need To Eat
+ AMEX Gold Bonus

Amex Gold Bonus | Great Bonus Points Food and Eat
Foodies Pay Attention: 4x Points Restaurants and Supermarkets
Find Out More: Rose Gold AMEX
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The Rose Gold card was a hit when Amex first launched it, but, like the McRib (which nobody has ever purchased with a pink credit card), it comes and goes at the company’s whim.

Credit cards have been going for “top of the wallet” status for a while. In other words, they’ll give you bonuses in categories that you use frequently. In this case, they’re targeting food. If you want to eat, you’ll earn 4 American Express Membership Rewards points for almost every dollar that you spend:

  • 4X points at supermarkets, up to $25,000 per year in spending; Not only is that a huge bonus for points, but the $25,000 maximum gives you a ton of “breathing room.”
  • 4X points at restaurants worldwide, including takeout, delivery, and Uber Eats. That will serve you well when you take your loved one to Le Cirque as an apology for getting a rose-gold credit card instead of flowers for that special day.
  • And when COVID-19 is over, you can visit those restaurants worldwide and earn 3X points on flights.
Amex Gold Bonus

Offsetting The Annual Fee

A $200 annual fee may seem hefty, but that’s just the sticker price. Even if you don’t count the AMEX Gold Bonus for 60,000 points that you get to sign up or the 4X/3X bonuses, you have other options to save:

  • $120 from Uber. Amex and Uber are clearly getting cozy for Valentine’s Day and every month after. Every month, you’ll get $10 in Uber cash toward Uber rides and/or Uber Eats purchases.
  • $120 from restaurants. You’ll also pick up $10 per month from certain delivery sites and restaurants, including Grubhub, Seamless, Boxed, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and participating Shake Shack locations.

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The Bottom Line – A Great Deal

This card is your go-to card if you spend a lot of money at restaurants and/or supermarkets. There is simply no other card that combines that level of rebates in addition to the annual spending limits.

Be sure to take advantage of the $240 in credits to offset your annual fee, and use your 60,000 points (AMEX Gold Bonus) to fly someplace nice!