Top Ten Values in Las Vegas

Location Area Price
#1 Ellis Island Casino Off Strip
$7.99 Steak Dinner 24 hours $7.99

The Ellis Island steak dinner holds the top spot in the Top Ten. It’s served 24/7 in the Café; get the $7.99 price by playing at least $5 in any slot machine with your club card inserted, then downloading the required discount coupon from an EI kiosk. If you don’t want to play, you can get it for $9.99 ($3 off the listed price) just by downloading a coupon from the kiosk that’s available to everyone with a club card.

#2 South Point Off Strip
Buffet daily $11.95-$18.95

The South Point buffet (#2) remains the only operating casino buffet in a town that used to have more than 40 of them, and there’s no sign of that changing in the near future. Show a club card to get the $11.95 price for lunch.

#3 Stage Door Casino and Lounge Strip
$1 Beer 24 hours $1

Budweiser and Michelob Light in the bottle are $1 at the Stage Door slot house on Flamingo, just east of the Strip (#3); a ¼-pound hot dog and a Bud is $3.

#4 Arizona Charlie's Decatur Off Strip
Breakfast Daily $5.99

The steak or ham & eggs at either Arizona Charlie’s (#4) is served in the Sourdough Cafés for $5.99 when you show your club card, available 24 hours at Decatur and 6 am-mid. weekdays and 24 hours weekends at Boulder. 

#5 South Point Off Strip
Hot Dog Daily $1.25

The hot dogs at South Point (#5) are sold from a cart in the sports book from 10 am until they close down the cart around 5 pm.

#6 Fremont Downtown
Shrimp Cocktail Daily $.99

The Fremont’s shrimp cocktail is the last of the easy-to-get 99-centers (#6); it’s served in the Lanai Express snack bar all hours except 7 to 11 am daily (get the latest on the Circa shrimp cocktail deal in dining).

#7 Ellis Island Casino Off Strip
Prime Rib Daily $16.99/$26.99

Ellis Island’s potent prime rib tandem (#7) is available 24/7. You won’t get a better prime deal for the price anywhere in town and the humungous double cut stands up to anything you’ll find at twice the price.


#8 Planet Hollywood Strip
Lunch Daily $4.99

Everything on the lunch menu is $4.99 at Ocean One (#8) in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood; lunch hours are 11:30 am to 5 pm daily.

#9 OYO Strip
$1 Blackjack Daily $1.20

Oyo’s $1-minimum blackjack game (#9) runs 24/7 in the pit; naturals pay even money on bets of $1-$4. The $1.20 listed cost is your expected loss for one hour of play at these stakes. 

#10 El Cortez Downtown
Room Rates daily $49 and up

Room rates continue to be low enough to put them in the #10 spot on the list. See couponomy for some favorable developments there.


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  • [email protected] Apr-01-2017
    Frankie Moreno is also a frequent headliner at the Smith Center's Jazz Cabaret. Tickets are $37 at the box office and $45 by mail. Clint Holmes plays there as well!

  • Richard La Chapelle May-25-2017
    Anything ordered is a deal at Ellis Island.  The prices are great especially compared to the Strip.
    Eat one day on the Strip, and then the next day at Ellis Island.

  • vegasnow Jun-01-2017
    Mac King
    When I went to see Mac King the weekend of May 5th the coupon for the $14.98 ticket/coupon was nowhere to be seen (not at Players Club, not at Box Office, not at front desk and not at ticket counter in lobby). The only thing they had was a coupon for a free upgrade to VIP Seating (easy to get anyway) and a free drink with purchase of a full price ticket. I went next door to Tix4Tonight to get half price tickets instead which still cost over $25 per ticket.

  • Bill Ryan Jun-07-2017
    Mac King
    My friends had similar experience at Mac King over Memorial Day.

  • SCOTT REYNOLDS Jul-01-2017
    The Ellis Island special as always included a free beer or soft drink but do not see it mention this
     Does the Ellis Island special still come with a beer or soft drink? 

  • Robert Massa Aug-10-2017
    Ellis Island Special
    Was just at Ellis Island on Sunday and the Steak Special no longer included beer or root beer.  My wife and I order the specials.  She had water and I had the root beer.  Was charge $3 for my drink. 

  • J. Skrypzak Aug-13-2017
    5 Cent Beer
    The food at Margaritaville is not my cup of tea (recently dined in Niagara Falls Canada and years ago in Sin City) but a nickel beer is very tempting!

  • Rob Revels Dec-27-2017
    Ellis Island
    Ref.. Drinks.. Sounds like maybe the drinks are not included now??? Well before you go eat take a seat on the casino floor order a drink while you play and take it with you when you eat. We actually do this a lot in the casinos when we eat they never say anything to us.

  • Dorothy Kahhan Jan-05-2018
    Ellis Island steak spcial
    The special has not included a drink in quit a while now. I remember back when the price as $4.99, and it included your choice of beer or root bear, rolls and butter, and choice of soup or salad. I was totally impressed with the quality for such a low price. Those days are long gone, but the steak special is still a fantastic value for $7.99

  • Richard Chen Jan-23-2018
    Lucky Dragon casino seems closed and cannot take advantage of LVA coupons for 2018.  
    I spoke with the receptionist at Lucky dragon and she confirmed that they have closed their casino "for renovations" without a reopening date.  I just bought my 2018 membership and am sad to lose the use of those valuable coupons so soon into the New Year! Please let people know before they are purchased that there is the risk of such closings.

  • Stephen Mar-04-2018
    $1 Blackjack
    According to, the Cromwell also has $1 Blackjack (like Hooters).  Can you confirm this please?

  • Joe Lipinski Apr-06-2018
    top 16
    A plead for more top values information…I know LVA is still playing with new newsletter formatting.  I understand the desire to add visuals.  I don’t have much appreciation for a picture of shrimp noodle soup but I respect the choice to include it.  I have much greater need for input on values.
    I see in the March issue, that the top ten values is loosing space.  As I have previously suggested—and I suggest here again—it is time to go to a sweet sixteen values section…4 for downtown; 4 for strip; 4 for near-strip; 4 for balance of county. Please consider changing to sweet sixteen top values.  What do you think?

  • Anthony Curtis May-13-2018
    Response to Joe Lipinski
    The Top Ten has been a staple of LVA since the first issue, so we wouldn't want to change the format now. If you read LVA front to back, you'll get recommendations for Top Ten-like deals in all the different areas in almost every issue. 

  • Anthony Curtis May-13-2018
    Response to Stephen
    There's no $1 blackjack at Cromwell. Hooters and Lucky Club are the only two at this time.

  • kennethross Jun-05-2018
    I'm obviously missing something ...
    Why does $1-minimum blackjack at Hooters show a cost of $1.20, rather than simply $1?

  • Jimmy Jazz Jun-08-2018
    nickel beer at Flamingo
    Has anyone actually tried this promo? How bad are the crowds? And what type of beer do you get? When prices get this low, sometimes it isn't worth the trouble. 

  • Vegas Insight Jun-20-2018
    I won't say it's terrible, but as someone who really enjoyed the days of cheap shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate, and who found the Skyline's shrimp cocktail decent and reasonably priced, (albeit not really convenient for most Vegas tourists,) I found the 99-cent shrimp at Lanai Express to be vastly inferior. Again, your tastes may dictate otherwise, but I wouldn't include it on the list simply because it's 99 cents. If it was any good, it should have been on the list prior to Skyline raising its price. 

  • dalross5 Jul-01-2018
    Hooter's Blackjack
    Just got back from Vegas and played a lot of the $1 Blackjack at Hooters.. lots of fun.. just a point of caution though that in the evening (not sure what time it begins) there is only one $1 blackjack table and I often had to wait an hour or more to get on.  The best time to go is in the morning or afternoon, when they are 2 or 3 tables with the $1 minimum

  • JP Jul-07-2018
    If you can get there....
    We've found the cafe in the all-penny slots Emerald Island casino in the old part of downtown Henderson to be excellent.  It's very reasonably priced, especially for the quality of the food, and the servers are more than willing to accommodate your wishes.  For example, my friend loves cole slaw w/ his bbq, so instead of forcing sides on him he didn't want, the server seemed thrilled to let him have three servings of cole slaw.  Yeah, he's weird, but the cafe (Emerald Island Grille) isn't--it's great.  Also, they have terrific daily specials.  The challenge is to get there, but it's a great friendly place (albeit a little smoky) and well worth the drive if you can manage it.  We go at least a couple of times every trip we make to LV.

  • gaattc2001 Jul-25-2018
    $1 Blackjack at Hooters'
    "Naturals pay even money on bets of $1-$4." I omit the calculations, but this adds 2.5% to the house advantage compared to a 3-2 game with the same rules. That's one whole percentage point worse than 6-5. How can LVA recommend a game like this?

  • [email protected] Sep-07-2018
    Off Strip without a car?
    Not impossible but inconvenient are some deals off The Strip. I am not gonna travel that far for just a hot dog. Palace Station is much harder to get to than The Palms. Get the (South) Point?

  • James Mason Sep-09-2018
    December Info
    Why no info about the rodeo dates and attendance. Advance info went from November to January. What happened to December?

  • Roy mckergow Sep-26-2018
    The prime rib is not on the menu, ask for it, only $5.50 and it was good.

  • [email protected] Oct-24-2018
    Palace Feast Buffet??  REALLY????
    have you been there?? read the reviews on yelp and trip advisor it's the pits from lack of service to staff attitude and sub quality food...I'll never waste my time or money there again

  • Richard Chen Nov-09-2018
    Palace Station Feast Buffet
    This buffet is now definitely the one to best besides the Studio B buffet at M Resort casino way south of town. Even though it is indeed further away from the mail drag than the Palm, it is also Much better than the AYCE buffet at the Palms.  Nobody in town yet can come close to the excellence of the quality and choices of food at around only $11 per person with the Station casino Rewards card. Of course the M buffet is still the best in town if you don't go weekends when the prices go much higher rivaling those at the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan or the Bachannal at Caesar's. 

  • slickmv Nov-14-2018
    Skyline Shrimp Cocktail
    The price of the shrimp cocktail served at the bar at the Skyline Casino is now $2.25, up from the $1.99 that it was previously. It's still a great bargain.

  • Vegas Insight Nov-29-2018
    99-cent shrimp cocktail
    I get that price hikes automatically remove items from your list for at least a month, but others have told you the same thing, that 99-cent disaster is not worthy of the list. I'm sure some people like it, but nobody complains about a more traditional cocktail like that at the Skyline, or what we use to get at Golden Gate. More than a few people find the Lanai Express concoction to be unappetizing. The days of the cheap shrimp cocktail are over, clearly, and you shouldn't be touting one that gets negative reviews simply because it is 99 cents. 

  • Sally_Ann Jan-05-2019
    Ellis Island should be removed from the Top 10 list?
    I'm not one with deep pockets as seems to be the demographic in this forum. An average steak for $13 (8+5) and no beverages included but instead, you now receive a tiny salad or soup is not a deal to me. Adding the tips plus smokey atmosphere certainly doesn't warrant it being included on the top 10 list. Granted, the steak is better valued than eating McDonalds but that doesn't really say much in my opinion. The price of beers is also misleading because you have to add the obligatory $1 tip. Might as well bring your own water that you bought from ABC. 
    What is a good value, in my opinion, is the Prime Rib at Klondike Sunset for the same price as EI. The Feast Buffet could also be the new number 1. 
    Anyway, just my 1/2 cents since everyone is hyping up EI's Steak price. 

  • brumfield01 Jan-14-2019
    An Update: Flamingo HH
    Just an update:  I LOVE the Flamingo $$$.50 beer happy hour.  For the record, the bar is now called The Bird Bar, and 12oz Miller Lite drafts are $.50 from 5-6.  Still a killer deal, but the list above is incorrect.  
    Also, the 24-7 $3 Michelob products at Casino Royale should be an honorable mention.

  • PackerBackerAZ Jan-15-2019
    Missed the Buffet
    The Palace Station Buffet was one of the worst we've ever eaten at for dinner (on 12-12-2018). For the money, AZ Charlies Decatur is much better, or was. We're going there on the 17th of this month so we'll know for sure whether it's gone downhill since our last meal there, about a year ago. I hope that it hasn't.They had corned beef every Thursday and a live stir fry station that was excellent.

  • [email protected] Jan-16-2019
    Not so good at EI
    as a local I go to EI regularly, so I had the steak special the other evening,very disappointing, plenty of good size fresh green beans (no butter or anything) a fair size baked potatoe and the smallest piece of meat I've evr seen maybe 2.5 inches across and mayne inch and a half high, service was REALLY SLOW, and the waiter TWICE gave me a bill for the higher price, if I hadn't read it over I would have been overcharged, I'll skip the steak and stay with the chicken parmigana and fish and chips, both still excellent especially the chicken

  • WILLIAM Jan-17-2019
    crown and anchor
    For the lunch comp deal at the crown anchor is it a specific item off the menu or is it anything on the lunch menu for this deal? Thanks

  • Anthony Curtis Feb-07-2019
    C&A Deal Done
    We just learned that the Crown & Anchor comp has been discontinued. We're determining a replacement.

  • Andrew74 Mar-04-2019
    what about an almost top 10?
    I'm sure there are more deals out there to be had in Vegas. How about an almost top 10? 

  • Paul Mar-05-2019
    Paul V.
    Have you considered Ocean One in Miracle Mile for your top ten? $5 lunch and 3 cocktails for $10 ( and you can take your drink(s) to go).

  • Vegas Insight Mar-12-2019
    Ocean One
    I second Paul's comment on the value of Ocean One. The $5 lunch deals are not obscene plates of food, but it's good food and decent portions for the money. We found some meals are better than the others, but you can do worse, or spend a lot more for not much better. The mixed cocktails were weak. Go with the house wine or bottled beer if you're doing three drinks for $10. But they allow you to mix/match and bring them one at a time, so you don't have to get three of the same thing, served all at once. Great deal for lunch if you're in the vicinity. 

  • Airgreg Mar-17-2019
     Perhaps you should consider making the top 10 values only businesses that are within walking distance of downtown or the strip. Most of us are not going to rent a car or Uber our way to a deal. Ellis Island is fine because you can walk right to it. I personally am not interested in "deals" that are in the greater Las Vegas area. Perhaps others feel the same?

  • Christopher Meade Apr-03-2019
    RE: Airgreg
    @Airgreg. I'm from the east coast and I've never visited Las Vegas without a vehicle. I love exploring the non-tourist areas. Las Vegas is more than the Strip and Downtown. You are in the minority on this page.

  • James Mason Apr-15-2019
    change comment date order
    Just a suggestion most recent posts would be more  helpful. why lead with Frankie Moreno from 2years ago and  need to scan down? Or perhaps edit more often??

  • John Gilsdorf Apr-16-2019
    Top 10
    The PBR Bar and Grill, inside Planet Hollywood, has a wonderful breakfast served daily for about $5. Eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes and Texas toast. and they don't gouge you on the price of coffee.  

  • Dino Gerard Tamborrino Jun-26-2019
    Palace Station
    I disagree with Capt. Bob … I tried the buffet on my last trip the end of May ...It was excellent... The new facelift with that hotel ... The new lay out, food & service top notch … With the 241 coupon its a no brainer ... Will definetly be back on the next trip !!! Also a shout out to the sports & race book ,very customer friendly... No mins. for drinks ...

  • Dan Fry Jul-29-2019
    $5 Breakfast at PBR Bar and Grill - Right on the Strip
    I second this, I had this last Tuesday and everything was fantastic, the service, the food and the location. The PBR Bar and Grill, inside/In front of Planet Hollywood, has a wonderful breakfast served daily for about $5. Eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes and Texas toast. and they don't gouge you on the price of coffee.  

  • Patricia Oct-01-2019
    Silver Nugget
    Went for cheap steak and lobster
    North Vegas
    Very distasteful area Casino old fashion Vegas
    Yet won’t go back due to location

  • Sean Lowery Nov-07-2019
    Ellis Island steak dinner
    The quality of the steak has declined considerably the last couple of years.  Although the price is nice,  I would not recommend it as a top deal anymore. It's no different than any other cheap steak deal.

  • Dennis Ruegg Dec-10-2019
    I have been getting my las vegas advisor in the middle of the month. the problem with that is that I go out to vegas in the first two weeks of the month and no Advisor to check things out. would be nice to get it a least in the first week of the month. I got the Advisor on Nov. 18th

  • Maryjean McCarty Jan-07-2020
    Best BBQ Chicken
    we love the BBQ chicken dinner at Ellis island.   Very inexpensive for what you get

  • Dave in Seattle. Jan-26-2020
    2020 top 10's?
    Well,it time for an update.
    Some of these belong on the bottom 10 list.

  • [email protected] Feb-19-2020
    Where's the value
    At Ellis Island the steak dinner is actually 12.99 instead of 7.99 due to having to play 5.00 in a machine first,and as said if you don't want to play the 5.00 then its 9.99,so there is not such thing as a 7.99 steak dinner,..what a scam

  • Morgan Evans Mar-04-2020
    Ellis Island Steak Deal
    Not everyone loses when you play $5.00 thru the slots for the $7.99 steak deal. Last time there, 3 of us all were winning a couple of bucks, so technically our steak dinner was about $5.99 each. Not a scam as you have a chance to win money and still get a steak for $7.99 unless you lose all the time twentyonekid.

  • PackerBackerAZ Mar-21-2020
    Going Going Gone
    This is a dead in the corona virus top ten. Bring it back when the casinos are trying to lure customers back.

  • Patricia May-31-2020
    Mac King
    Surprised this is a top ten Not a very good show To me
    Maybe a family with school age children I just thought silly

  • Sharon Jul-26-2020
    Mac King
    Hey Patricia -  my husband and I went a couple of years ago and we are 60+ seniors -  we found the show to be quite entertaining for the price!!  

  • OMB13 Jan-23-2021
    To the LVA staff about SPoint buffet
    Just a heads up from the SPoint website
    Price of lunch is $14.95 without a card, and $11.95 with a card. And, you must have a reservation.