Clark County Wetlands Park

7050 Wetlands Park Lane Las Vegas, NV 89122
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Clark County Wetlands Park, is located at the eastern terminus of E. Tropicana (which turns into Wetlands Park Lane) one mile east of Boulder Highway.


At 2,900 acres, this is the largest park in Clark County. It's a unique riparian area at the interface of the city and the desert, consisting of a half-dozen trails, plus interpretive areas, a visitor center, and endemic wildlife and migratory birds along the Las Vegas Wash, which also gets its water from several treatment plants near the natural beginning of the Wash, which flows out to Lake Las Vegas and eventually into Lake Mead. 


In an effort to reduce the impact of the wastewater from the treatment plants and runoff water from storms, the flood-control district constructed these wetlands, impounding some of the water with more than a dozen dams, weirs, and ponds that, collectively, impede the flow and build up a layer of silt that reduces erosion in the Wash, especially of its banks. In addition, native vegetation has been planted to help to stabilize the Wash and "polish" the water by removing pollutants. 


Several miles of paved and unpaved shared-use trails and paths criss-cross the park, some with informative signs. The nature center also has displays about the park's flora and fauna; the park is home to 212 species of birds and more than 70 species of mammals and reptiles, including beavers and coyotes, have been spotted (don't feed them and no dogs allowed).


The park was first proposed in 1991, a master plan was completed in 1995, and the first demonstration weir was constructed in 1999. The main trails were laid between 2001 and 2012; the nature center opened in 2013.  


The nature center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, free.



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Clark County Wetlands Park


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  • Laurie Mar-20-2017
    Great to explore
    If you like the outdoors, want to teach your kids (or even yourself) more about the desert, this is the place to visit. You not only read about what to expect around here, but you get to see and hear to have better knowledge of what to expect, especially if you want to hike around the "hills". Great for kids as this is a very interactive museum-type center. Great sidewalk trails, as well as dirt ones to explore even more from the center. Very helpful employees too. And it's FREE.