X Burlesque

Flamingo Las Vegas
(702) 733-3333 | Official Website
Price: $204.50*
Type: Production Show

Features a variety of performances by six topless dancers set to music by today's hottest artists. 


Adult Only
Late Show
LVA Review

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X Burlesque University Classes

Transform yourself into one of the divas on the Strip when you enroll in X Burlesque University at the Flamingo Las Vegas.


Sexy Fun!

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*Prices may be subject to additional taxes and fees. MUST PURCHASE TWO TICKETS.

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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the March 2009 LVA; some of the information contained in the review may no longer be accurate.)


As Las Vegas topless shows go, X Burlesque is among the better ones, and it’s just been updated for its second anniversary at the Flamingo. This is not high-concept. The show consists of one dance vignette after another with no attempt at a unifying theme — unless, of course, you go with "hard-bodied almost-naked women cavorting with machine guns, feather boas, and in bathtubs is cool" (which works for us).


The previous description notwithstanding, X is more than just a jiggle show; the six female performers definitely have dance chops, which they display to a predominantly hard-driving hard-rock song list. The numbers come rapid-fire, with the only break being a 20-minute routine by improv comedienne Nancy Ryan. Her act is almost entirely nasty put-down humor (kind of a female Bobby Slayton), but it fits the mood and gets you ready for the sprint to the finish with — what else? — more sexy send-ups from the girls.


The room is small, so there’re no bad seats. But it's also packed pretty tightly (and we've heard complaints about that). If you really want the best view, angle for a seat in the ring around the stripper pole that's positioned in the audience in front of the stage—the girls wind up out there on several occasions, so you'll be up close and personal. You have to be 18 to see X Burlesque; drinks inside are $8-$9.


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