V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Miracle Mile Shops
(702) 260-7200 | Official Website
Price: $94.81/$116.61*
Type: Production Show

This show has something for everyone! V - The Ultimate Variety Show is seven shows rolled into one featuring fun, fast-paced specialty acts mixed with daredevil stunts to keep you on the edge of your seat. E! Entertainment calls it the “perfect show for the entire family.”



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General Admission

V - The Ultimate Variety Show Features a collection of insanely entertaining acts from a wide array of performers at the Miracle Mile Shops 

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Dinner packages are available.


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  • Britt22 Oct-08-2018
    If you like America's Got Talent, You'll Absolutely Love This Show!!
     This show is brilliant. So many various, talented acts take the stage, and the host is as hilarious as he is talented.
     You won't be able to believe some of the things you're witnessing. For example, The Skating Aratas are a male and female couple that roller skate on this TINY, circular platform, achieving such an immense amount of speed. You feel like one of them is going to shoot across the room! 
     During their last bit, they use this neck brace that loops around both of their necks, and he spins the female performer around in these quick circles- I can't even explain it. You just have to see it to believe it's real.
     Amazing show!