Terry Fator: Who's The Dummy Now?

New York-New York
(702) 792-7777 | Official Website
Price: $100.26/$122.06/$143.86*
Type: Production Show

Performing songs, jokes, and celebrity impressions, Terry Fator and his band have the audience laughing and on their feet by the end of this 90-minute show. 



LVA Review

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Family Friendly Show

See  “America’s Got Talent” winner and longtime Vegas favorite Terry Fator live at The Mirage Las Vegas. 

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Meet and greets are available on select Fridays and Saturdays.

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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the April 2009 LVA, some of the information contained in this review may no longer be accurate.)


If you foster a pre-existing bias against ventriloquists or puppets, put it away — this show goes well beyond anything you could possibly expect from those simple categories.


Fator’s ventriloquism and use of the puppets are really just a showcase for his singing impressions and these devices work well to amplify the overall effect of his performance. You hear him do a great Rod Stewart, for example, then think, “And he’s doing it with his mouth closed!” Fator does a mix of old (Bee Gees, Axl Rose, Louis Armstrong), new (Maroon 5, James Blunt, Gnarls Barkley), and even women (Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray), but his mastery of the art really hits home when he switches back and forth in a duet between Michael Jackson and Garth Brooks singing “Friends in Low Places” (how does he do that?)—you don’t win a million dollars on “America’s Got Talent” and get a multi-million gig on the Strip for nothin’!


Fator is backed by a live band and a beautiful assistant (his wife) who help keep the 90-plus-minute show moving at a pretty good pace (though it seems to run just a bit long). And while it’s not strictly G-rated, this one’s suitable for kids (age 4 and up allowed).


Unless you’re seated close, you’ll find yourself watching the big-screens (trying to see his lips move) more than the stage itself, so saving money on the cheaper tickets won’t significantly diminish the experience. 


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  • [email protected] Apr-18-2017
    A Good Show
    His lead puppet is a turtle, not a frog. A good ventriloquist and also an impressionist, he ended up marrying his stage assistant after his (now-ex)wife would have no part of a Vegas lifestyle. Look for discounts, as there are really no bad seats in the small renamed "Danny Gans" theater at The Mirage. If you are "too cheap to go live" he also has several DVD's of previous shows on Amazon. Suitable for most people. Slightly saucy. He dresses a man up as a Dolly Parton human puppet with full wig and padded dress. (I hope this is still part of his show.)