Rat Pack is Back, The

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Price: $109.95/$119.95/$139.95*
Hours: Mon-Sat, 7:30 p.m.
Type: Production Show

The music that shaped an era in the Entertainment Capital of the World is brought back to life in this this show, which honors the talents and music of the infamous Rat Pack.


LVA Review

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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the May 2005 LVA when this show was performing at the Greek Isles; some of the information contained in this review may no longer be accurate.)


Even if you’re a little tired of the superstar-impersonator formula found all over Las Vegas (American Superstars, Legends In Concert, etc.), The Rat Pack Tribute will restore your faith in the concept (in “tribute shows,” the principals may or may not look like the person they’re playing).


Reminiscent of a nightclub act, RPT builds and builds, like a Broadway musical, until the rousing finale when Frank, Sammy, Joey, and Dino are all on stage together. Producer Sandy Hackett, who steals the show as Joey Bishop, has cast his dad, Buddy, as the opening monologist (recorded), welcoming the guys back to Vegas for “one more show.” A 12-piece orchestra belts out the five-minute opening tune—what a band! Featuring some of the best players in Vegas, these guys drive the show with fantastic musical arrangements throughout.


Joey fires one-liner after bullet one-liner with his deadpan delivery and the audience is thoroughly warmed up by the time he brings out (a slightly inebriated) Dean. It’s sing-along time when he launches into “That’s Amore.” Sammy does some tap dancing and a moving version of “Mr. Bojangles.” Frank’s time on stage is spiced up with the surprise appearance of Marilyn Monroe, sporting a dress cut down to her shoe tops, along with a body that bursts out of it, much to the delight of the cast and band. Though this bit has been done to death, it’s never been played quite like this: Frank and Joey narrate every move Marilyn makes.


There’s plenty of improv in RPT, a testament both to the many years Sandy Hackett has spent honing his craft and his direction of the show. The four leads finally join on-stage for a terrific 15-minute finale. With the performers having as much fun as the audience, you’re almost guaranteed to get your money’s worth.


A tip for RPT. Don’t pay full price. The half-price outlets sell tickets to this show almost every day. 


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