Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Miracle Mile Shops
(702) 260-7200 | Official Website
Price: $59.93/$70.83*
Type: Magic

Voted “#1 Afternoon Magic Show in Las Vegas,” Nathan Burton Magic Show is family entertainment at its best! You’ve seen Nathan on “America’s Got Talent.” The master magician not only performs unbelievable large-scale illusions at rapid-fire pace, he guides the audience through interactive magic that happens in their hands!


LVA Review

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Nathan Burton is a family friendly show filled with magical illusions, entertaining dance and funny comedy routines.
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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the July 2008 LVA, some of the information contained in this review may no longer be accurate.)


It’s tough breaking into Las Vegas’ entertainment mainstream, especially when you’re a magician (can you say competitive?). But one who’s done it is Nathan Burton, whose new show has just opened at the Flamingo. After toiling for a few years in this town’s showroom dungeons, Burton managed to break out by exhibiting a flair for self-promotion and enjoying a good run on the first “America’s Got Talent” TV show. The fact that he put on a decent magic show in the process also didn’t hurt.


Burton’s show is mostly small-box magic, displaying a lot of the bits you’ve probably seen before. Consequently, our first impression was: “nothing special.” But when you consider that this is a nooner, the scope of the whole thing becomes more impressive.


One thing that sets the show apart is that almost all the illusions have a comic element, so maybe you’ve seen the move, but not the gag. And because it’s the Flamingo, the production values are high, including the energetic dancers. And it’s fast—not just in pace, but in run time, which clocks in at just 50 minutes, making it a welcome afternoon topper-offer as you head into your evening.


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  • Patrick Kiernan Jun-05-2020
    A Vegas Classic!
    Every time I bring a first timer to Vegas I take them to the Fountains @ Bellagio, the Volcano @ the Mirage AND Nathan Burton.