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Price: $103.02/$127/$146.62*
Type: Production Show

This topless revue features an array of talented dancers, singers, and the comedic impersonations of Sean E. Cooper.


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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the February 2001 LVA; some of the information contained in the review may no longer be accurate.)


When Midnight Fantasy opened at Luxor in late 1999, it seemed destined to be one of those little filler shows that come and go within a few months. But that wasn’t the case. The show has survived and a recent overhaul appears to signal at least some level of commitment to Midnight Fantasy’s future.


We’ve made the point before that it’s hard to find a really bad show playing at one of the big casinos, which renders simple price shopping an effective show-goer’s basic strategy. Midnight Fantasy’s all-inclusive $29.95 price is on the low end of today’s price scale. Hence, it qualifies for a recommendation on that value criterion alone. It’s all the better, of course, if you like the show’s style, so here’s a quick description.


Midnight Fantasy is a stylish girlie show, with a cast of nine good-looking women performing topless throughout. The choreography is generally effective and the music consists of the hottest songs from today’s pop scene. The girls mostly lip-sync, though there’s some live singing by the show’s principal (who’s also a Las Vegas Outlaws cheerleader). Helping things along are good interlude segments featuring an impersonator and a comic. The 75-minute show begins slowly, so hang with it. For the price, we liked it. If you’re looking for a little Las Vegas lowdown-and-dirty, Midnight Fantasy should fill the bill.


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  • [email protected] Apr-18-2017
    More Civilized than Most
    One of the "classier" Vegas strip-tease shows and it is changed from time-to-time. Includes a comedian or impersonator as well. Includes musical production numbers. When we saw it, only one girl actually did a classic "strip", Gypsy-Rose-Lee style, ending at the curtain. A musical topless revue with thin, "small", athletic girls. Imagine The Victoria Secret girls topless. (When we saw it recently) A real audience-member is brought-on-stage to be "Elvis". They dress him up with a jumpsuit and a wig and he gets to flirt with the girls.