Caesars Palace
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Price: $759.50*
Type: Production Show

This is a 90-minute variety show set in a maze of tents, complete with a secret speakeasy, beer garden, and drinking games. It's raunchy, it's original -- words can't do it justice. Just go see it! Really, we insist.


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*Prices may be subject to additional taxes and fees. MUST PURCHASE 4 TICKETS.

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LVA Review

(This show was reviewed in the May 2011 LVA; some of the information contained in the review may no longer be accurate.)


It’s not often that a new show really surprises us, but this one did. Maybe it’s because we had no idea what to expect going in. Is it cabaret? Variety? Burlesque? Actually, it’s a bit of all of them and they come together to create one of the best Las Vegas productions we’ve seen in years.


Absinthe is promoted as something of a hedonistic circus and that turns out to be a pretty good description. The show is conducted in a tent where a raunchy MC called the Gazillionaire introduces a succession of acts. But something special is going on here: some absolutely amazing talent in action. This is the best collection of variety acts in one show that we’ve ever seen, including the best of Cirque du Soleil.


It starts strong and gets better, with each act topping the one before it. And then come “the skaters,” who elicited one of the most rousing spontaneous standing ovations we’ve ever seen. Lots of aerial acrobatics are supported by all manner of pulley and lever and swivel, but no nets. Given that last fact, you get the distinct feeling that the front rows at this show might comprise the most dangerous seats this side of the Spiderman stage show.


As good as the variety acts are, the burlesque and comedy interludes make the whole thing even better. The Gazillionaire is good, as is his sidekick Penny. The commentary from both is extremely racy, but completely appropriate for this type of show. And Angel Porrino (Holly Madison’s understudy in PeepShow and co-star in “Holly’s World”) has recently been added to the cast, spicing things up that much more.


Drinks are sold near the entrance: Kronenbourg is $7, mixed drinks are $12, Chimay pitchers are $50, or you can get a bottle of Dom for $400. Be forewarned that the tent has no restroom; you have to leave and walk to the other side of the outside biergarten to get to one. The primary downside to Absinthe is the high price of the tickets. The intimacy of the venue allows you to go with the lowest option, but at $93.30, that’s still pricey. The only discount we’ve seen is through a link we provide at LasVegasAdvisor.com, where you can get them for $80.83.


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  • James Z Jan-03-2017
    Best Show in Las Vegas
    Absinthe is without comparison. It's as daring and death-defying as the best Cirque du Soleil, funnier than any stand-up, and sexy as Hell.  If you offend easily, this isn't the place for you, because the host goes after EVERYONE.  But for everyone else, there's no better way to spend an evening.

  • Rita Nov-19-2017
    Show good; Emcee is Lewd
    The performers are excellent; the Emcee goes beyond appropriate even for "raunchy" -- equivalent talent is at the cirque du soleil shows without the pornographic commentary and lascivious gestures...maybe another $25 more, but worth it.