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Like to read? Love Vegas? Enjoy the debut fiction titles from two of the gambling world’s most notable authors!

Dubbed the “Dean of the World’s Gambling Writers,” Michael Konik is a former?Cigar Aficionado?gaming columnist?and the best-selling author of three acclaimed gambling-story collections, including?The Man with the $100,000 Breasts?and Telling Lies and Getting Paid, in?Becoming Bobby?he brings his vast knowledge of the casino world to the pages of this viciously funny (and strangely inspiring) indictment of contemporary social mores.

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Risk of Ruin?is?a love story unlike any you’ve ever read—dark, disturbing, irreverent — some might even say sacrilegious — while protagonists Bart and Stacy?may be the most compelling misfits to go on the lam since Bonnie and Clyde. The first work of fiction by well-known gambling expert and author Arnold Snyder, Risk of Ruin is?a provocative tale of crime, passion, and rebellion that addresses the question that’s tormented men since Adam placed?that all-in bet on Eve:?Is she worth the risk?

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NOTE: Risk of Ruin?is?also available for all major eBook reader formats, including:

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About The Author(s)

Arnold Snyder is a professional gambler and ordained minister who lives in the hills on the outskirts of Las Vegas. He prefers the company of his five dogs to most humans. In 2002, he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He is the author of Topless Vegas, the Blackjack Shuffle Tracker’s Cookbook, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Making Big Bucks,?The Poker Tournament Formula,?Blackbelt in Blackjack, and numerous other books on games and gambling.

A former professional sports gambler and television poker commentator, Michael Konik once earned the honorific “Dean of the World’s Gambling Writers.” Konik is the best-selling author of acclaimed books about risk and reward, including Man With the $100,000 Breasts, Telling Lies and Getting Paid, The Smart Money, plus Reefer Gladness, Nice Shot, Mr. Nicklaus, and many more.

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