Poll : 03 March - 16 March 2021


The issue is (practically) moot, given that the Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously to change the name from McCarran International to Harry Reid International, so it's (almost) a done deal; a petition on change.org is collecting signatures to change the name to Las Vegas International (as of this writing, it has more than 17,500 signatures). 

Anyway, thanks to all the amusing comments last week on the poll-preview page, this has turned into something of a cross between popularity contest and an inside joke about Vegas (manifested primarily by the first names among the selections, but a few others as well). We've left in the serious names, of course, but the Ray's "sarcastic" selections definitely make this a fun poll. So choose your favored new name or names for the Las Vegas airport and let the tomfoolery begin!


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  • Sandra Ritter Mar-03-2021
    Just Wondering
    You have Secret International twice. Did you mean to put a different name there or is that just a glitch?

  • deke @ lva Mar-03-2021
    Just a glitch. Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, Sandy.  

  • Ray Mar-03-2021
    No real comment
    I chose LVI because I am becoming against naming anything public after a real person, precisely because it's another point of contention. And it seems like all we have nowadays in the country is discord. As someone pointed out in the preview, it's only a matter of time until more skeletons are found and more name changes are required.

  • Jeff Emerson Mar-03-2021
    The airport name change is just another example of cancel culture and should be fought against.  Harry Reid was no angel either.

  • Kevin Lewis Mar-03-2021
    I choose names that won't upset anyone
    Thus my suggestions of "Vegas Airport Thingy" or "Fluffy White Bunny International Airport and Slot Emporium." Since those choices don't appear above, I won't be voting. So there. Nyaaah!

  • Donald McDougall Mar-03-2021
    Double Down International is a slightly irreverent way of telegraphing what the arrivals will be getting when they come in.

  • Mufasa Thedog Mar-03-2021
    Little Rock Arkansas
    Never name an airport after a living person.  How do you think the people of Little Rock feel about their airport being named after Bill and Hillary Clinton?

  • Jackie Mar-03-2021
    The name game
    Chose Jackie International along with Las Vega International for obvious
    reasons but thought better about adding Clark County Commissioners AKA
    Morons International mainly because a name that long would be hard to
    read on traffic boards and people would miss their exit.  No CCC aka 
    Morons wouldn't substitute.

  • Jackie Mar-03-2021
    Name Change
    Called McCarren
    Interesting info
    Name change is to be funded by private donations.
    Is Harry Reid paying for this???

  • Janet Mar-03-2021
    Name it...
    Just name it Las Vegas International...umm...you know.  That thing!

  • deke @ lva Mar-04-2021
    This in via email
    How about" "What Happens In Vegas International Airport"

  • O2bnVegas Mar-06-2021
    to Mufasa Thedog
    Some like it, some don't.
    Adams Field was named after a National Guardsman who died in 1937 in the line of duty.  He'd local accomplishments of note (good ones) back then.  It was a very small airport.  I recall it being one of my family's Sunday outings, to sit on what is now called the tarmac, eat popcorn from a snack stand and watch airplanes fly in and out, people descend the portable stairs.  Another Sunday outing option was the train station.  I hated it because of the really loud noise of steam from the trains when they pulled in. But I digress.
    Along the years Adams Field was modernized with all the trappings, some eateries.  Very pleasant to fly in and out of, not so crowded. Closes early, after the last plane of the day makes it in. 
    With modernization the Municipal Airport Commission quietly voted to rename it for the Clintons.  No big mystery there.  Some folks felt it was an insult to the memory of Capt. George Geyer Adams, though few today know his name.

  • [email protected] Mar-06-2021
    Larry Ried International 
    Runway 1 R (hook)
    Runway 1 L (hook)