Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas boasts nearly 170,000 hotel rooms, 65,000 on the Strip alone. But with an average occupancy rate of 90%, this city fills up fast. 


Except for the most luxurious accommodations, Las Vegas rooms tend to be cookie-cutter, so your choice often boils down to location and price. Once you decide where you want to be (Strip? downtown? outlier?), you'll often get the best price by reserving online through the hotels' own websites, third-party booking engines (Travelocity, Trivago, etc.), or smaller affiliate sites with discount codes. Deals also show up on social media pages, in the mail/email via players club offers, and during the slow seasons, July and mid-December.


It's best to find, then immediately book, your best rate. Pay close attention to the cancellation details, so you know your deadline for locking in or bailing out. Then you can check for cheaper rates at your convenience, cancelling and rebooking if something better comes along. It's tedious, but at least you won't be left out in the cold if hotel rooms get tight. And what you pay can only be less, never more.


And don't forget to factor in the dreaded resort (and Strip parking) fees; we update our lists of all the hotels' add-ons frequently.   



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