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Q:? In all the writing you have done over the years, I never heard you refer to Las Vegas as “Sin City.”? Why not?

A: I dislike judgmental nicknames for anything – people, places, ideas. Almost all of these negative names are either a putdown or referring to a minority number of people.? Gambling used to be considered a “sin” by the majority of Americans, but that has slowly been changing with the spread of casinos around the country. Now a wide majority of the population consider it an acceptable form of entertainment. Despite slogans like “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” I don’t believe most visitors? lower their moral standards when they hit the city limits. They can do just as much “sinning” back at home if they want to. And I never saw?fewer moral standards in the locals than you would see in any community.

No, I’m not promoting a return to a more family-friendly environment.? It’s all right to consider it primarily a good adult vacation spot. But it’s time to drop the “Sin City” label!? Let’s call it “Fun City.”

I have been repeating for years that I can’t answer most tax questions because most answers depend on individual tax and financial details. However sometime a question is general enough and is specifically addressed fairly clearly by the IRS. Here is one of those, with the answer?taken from?Tax Help for Gamblers?that included some text from IRS publications:

Q:? I have a question about table game progressives. When you hit one, do they treat the win the same as a slot progressive and tax you immediately?

A:? The most common W2-G situation and the one with which most casino gamblers are familiar is when someone hits a jackpot on a machine (slot or video poker) that is $1200 or more.? However, most players don’t know that there are different rules for when a W-2G must be issued, depending on the form of gambling.

W2-G’s are rarely issued to table-game players.? They would only receive one if it was for a single winning table-game bet if both of the following apply:

1.?The payout is $600 or more and

2.?The winnings are paid at 300-to-1 (or higher).

This usually happens only when a game has a progressive or big bonus feature, like progressives on Caribbean Stud and Fortune Pai Gow and some bonus bets on Let It Ride.

Of course, I always need to add that all gambling wins?are required to be reported to the IRS whether you get any paperwork or not!


Q:? I have a climate question. Having lived in IN, NV, and now GA, which do you prefer?

A:? Part of that question is easy to answer. One of the big factors, out of many, for our move from Indianapolis to Las Vegas was our desire to leave the cold winters in the north. Moving to GA had to do with health concerns and being with family, so climate wasn’t a factor. However, I sometimes do tire of Georgia rain and humidity and miss the dry desert air, even when it was fiery hot.


Q:? Where did you get the matching sleepwear your family was wearing in the Christmas photos, especially the dinosaur tops?

A:? My Amazon-crazy daughter buys “everything” online and she said she bought them in several places, but she thinks the guy tops were from the Children Place – though they’re probably out of stock now.

I would like to recommend what I found to be a very interesting and well-done interview on the podcast “Risk of Ruin.” Called “Two Hustlers,” Mickey Crimm and Bob Dancer shared some of the fascinating information about their early days of advantage play, taking widely different paths but both achieving great gambling success.

Finally, you might want to be sure to tune into my next blog. I have some possibly surprising news for you all. Actually, I have actually surprised myself with it. Have to wait to see how the pandemic restrictions are going …


  1. Virginia+Vega · March 11, 2021

    So good to read all your information…I have a question….Do I still have to make an appointment..or reservation for a seat at a bar in Golden Nugget or elsewhere down town..I will be going to LV this summer and thought I would check this out…Thank you..Virginia

  2. TheGMan · March 5, 2021


    Jean: Thanks for all you’ve done and still do.

    Here’s an anecdote prompted by your “Sin City” Q&A: Many years ago, I took a comped Harrah’s flight + hotel package to Lake Tahoe. Harrah’s provided bus transportation from the Reno airport. The host who accompanied our group on the bus referenced the “What happens in Vegas ….” line and added, “I want to warn you that what happens in Tahoe is discussed over breakfast the next morning at every house on Lake Tahoe.”

  3. ANGELA HOWARD · March 5, 2021

    The boys’ set are from The Children’s Place online. The girls’ are from Hanna Andersson online. Online ordering is SO much more fun – and I don’t have to deal with traffic or crowds!

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