Las Vegas Transportation FAQ

Las Vegas has been called an extension of Los Angeles, to some degree because so many visitors drive in from southern California, but also due to the urban sprawl. This is a city in which, if you want to go beyond the Strip and downtown, you'll need wheels, preferably those powered by internal combustion. 


In terms of the tourist corridor, the Las Vegas Strip might look walkable and it is, but only in discrete sections. From the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay is more than four miles. The distances between properties are deceptively long, as are the entrances to the casinos, especially on the west side of the Strip. And the properties themselves are huge. Factor in the perpetual parade of people, the resident smut peddlers, the fierce heat of the summer months (May through September) and the unexpected cold of December and January (with the inevitable visitors in T-shirts and flip-flops who've said to one another, "It's always hot in the desert"), and you'll quickly find that strolling the Strip is like a forced march.


All the downtown casinos are easily walkable and with a little research (starting on this page), you can ride the buses between downtown and the Strip; they're inexpensive, frequent, and convenient.  


Just to get from Point A to Point B, you can avail yourself of ride-sharing via Uber and Lyft at a noticeable discount from taxi fares (except during surge-pricing periods), but to really explore the desert and mountains surrounding Las Vegas Valley, you'll need a car, either your own or a rental.


The FAQ on this page provide details on the plentiful options for transportation both on the Strip and beyond. As always, please share your experiences, take issue with our contentions, ask further questions, and add your general feedback in the comment boxes at the bottom of the individual pages. 





What can I expect when I arrive at McCarran International Airport?


The airport has a Terminal 1 and Terminal 3; what happened to Terminal 2?


Are there any free shuttles between the airport and the major casinos?


Any tips for the taxi ride from the airport to the Strip or downtown?


Where can I pick up Uber and Lyft rides at the airport? 


How much are the commercial shuttles from the airport to hotels around the city?


Does the Las Vegas Monorail run to and from the airport?


Is it possible to walk from the airport to the Strip? 


Have any jackpots ever been hit on the airport slots machines? 


Do the players club readers on the airport machines take a particular club's card? 



The Strip


How long is Las Vegas Boulevard?


How long is the Las Vegas Strip?


What does it mean that the Las Vegas Strip is a National Scenic Byway?


Why is there a bend in the Las Vegas Strip right at Harrah's?


How do you avoid traffic on the Strip by taking nearby shortcuts? 


Which hotel-casinos are connected by automated trams?


What is the public-transportation situation in Las Vegas?


What's the story behind the double-decker public buses on the Strip?


Is the Strip & Downtown Express bus really faster than the Deuce? 


Is it dangerous to ride a bicycle on the Strip?


What are the stops, times, and prices for the Las Vegas Monorail?




Taxis and Uber/Lyft


How many taxicabs are there in Las Vegas?


How much do taxicabs charge? 


Is it best to call for a cab or can we flag one down on the street? 


If I have a complaint about a cab driver, to whom do I complain?


What if a cab driver tries to divert me to a different destination?


Do Uber and Lyft work well in Las Vegas? 



Rental Cars


How do I save money on a rental car in Las Vegas? 


How do I avoid some of the common problems involved with renting a car in Vegas?


Can/should I valet park a rental car?


What's the worst-case scenario in renting a car in Las Vegas? 


Why do taxes and fees add up to 30% of the rental price in Las Vegas? 


Which hotels have rental-car counters? 




Parking on the Strip


What's the current situation in terms of paid parking on the Strip?


Where can I still park for free on the Las Vegas Strip?


Where can I park for free to catch the Las Vegas Monorail?


What's the parking situation downtown?






If you run a red light in Las Vegas, do you get a ticket from traffic-cam evidence?


What is the Spaghetti Bowl and where is it?


Are out-of-state handicapped-parking placards legal in Las Vegas?




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  • Bonnie Fife Mar-22-2017
    Where are the maps for free shuttles?

  • deke @ lva Mar-22-2017
    Bonnie -- Click on the third question under Airport about the shuttles. On the shuttle page are links to all the maps. 

  • thomas Mar-25-2017
    parking fee
    is there free self parking at caesars casino's

  • Fast Mar-27-2017
    Car Rental
    Car rental site I can't seem to find?

  • Dennis Ruegg Apr-06-2018
    do all hotels rent wheelchairs? or is there a place to get mortoried wheelchairs?