Las Vegas Health FAQ 

When it comes to wholesome living, diet discipline, sobriety, and frugality, Las Vegas probably isn't the first place that comes to mind.


In Sin City, you're swimming in a sea of temptations, the least of which are all-you-can-eat buffets, free alcohol in the casinos, gambling beyond your means, exposing too much flesh to the fierce sun, and staying up all night.


After all, the whole point of this place is to relax, overindulge in the good life, and take home a more outrageous story than the one from the last time you were here. And far be it for us to tell you otherwise.


Still, reading the following FAQ will remind you that 1) it's a desert out there; and 2) you might have a medical emergency. The answers point at what to do in the event thereof. We also address questions from visitors with disabilities and special needs. 



What are some basic tips for a healthy trip?


What's the weather like in Las Vegas?


Weather-wise, what's the best time to visit Las Vegas?


What are the temperatures inside the casinos summer and winter?


When did air-conditioning arrive in Las Vegas?


Why is there so much static electricity in casinos?


How do we stay safe in the desert?


Are thunderstorms really fierce in the desert?


How well does Las Vegas accommodate disabled visitors?


How well does Las Vegas accommodate hearing-impaired visitors?


How well does Las Vegas accommodate vision-impaired visitors?



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