Tipping in Las Vegas FAQ


Tipping practices vary greatly around the world.


In many Asian countries, it's not the norm at all. In some, it's considered an insult; in others, it's actually illegal. In Europe, it's generally discretionary and often not expected (although employers in the hospitality trade will tell you otherwise as an excuse to pay lower wages). Tipping usually occurs only in more upscale eating establishments or for services like taxis. 


In our experience, it's only in the U.S. that tipping is expected in so many situations. And this is especially true of Las Vegas, which might have been built by gambling, but is fueled by gratuities.



Is "tip" an acronym for "To Insure Promptness"?


Where does the term "George" (big tipper) come from?


What's the biggest tip on record in Las Vegas?


What was behind the IRS-Vegas tip controversy from a few years ago?


How much do I tip a hotel/commercial shuttle driver? 


How much do I tip a taxi or Uber/Lyft driver?


How much do I tip a valet parking attendant?  


How much do I tip a bellman? 


Does a tip to a front-desk clerk work for an upgraded room? 


How much do I tip a housekeeper?


How much do I tip for room service? 


What is the tipping etiquette for a comped meal?


How much do I tip for cocktail service?


How much do I tip at buffets?


How much do I tip when I hit a jackpot?


How much do I tip my casino host?


Is tipping with casino chips allowed? 


Is tipping with TITO slot tickets allowed? 


How much do I tip a limo driver?  


How much do I tip the curbside check-in porter?




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  • [email protected] Mar-27-2018
    At the Flamingo...
    and a few other places, we used to tip the "usher" that seats us at a showroom. This is becoming a thing-of-the-past as most major venues are assigned seating. General admission is quite rare, today. However,$20 often gets us better seats in these situations.