Things To Do FAQ


For most visitors, the "tourist corridor," from the top of downtown to the bottom of the Strip, delineates the limits of a Las Vegas experience. 


The hotels, casinos, restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping seem to create an electromagnetic field that the vast majority of the 40 million-plus visitors can't, or don't want to, escape. It's exactly what Las Vegas wants and expects you to do.




As a quick glance at our Things To Do section confirms, within a mere hour of the city proper are so many adventures that even the most fast-lane daredevils, swashbucklers, and barnstormers couldn't see them all through in a lifetime.


In this section, we answer common questions about activities beyond the force field. 



What's the story behind the Welcome to Las Vegas sign?


What goes into the displays at the Bellagio Conservatory? 


Is the High Roller observation wheel really the largest in the world?


Where are the nearest public parks to the Strip?


What's the deal with shooting machine guns in Vegas?


What is the oldest building in Las Vegas? 


Where is the closest hiking to Las Vegas?


What's the closest downhill skiing to Las Vegas?


Were bodies really buried in Hoover Dam during construction?


What's the story on Area 51?


Is there a tour of the Nevada Test Site?


Which are the largest malls in Las Vegas?




When does pool season start?


Why do Las Vegas pools close so early in the day?


Are there any indoor pools in Las Vegas?


What are the deepest pools in Las Vegas?


Can non-hotel-guests gain admission to the big hotel pools?


Are there any pools that cater to an older crowd?


What's a daybed?


What's it like to rent a cabana?


Are there really topless women at "toptional" pools?




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