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How do you think Las Vegas casinos pay the light bill?


What does "Las Vegas" mean and who named it?


By what other names has Las Vegas been known?


Is it uncool to say just "Vegas"?


Are 50-dollar bills bad luck?


Why is casino carpeting so garish?


Is it legal to consume alcohol in public in Las Vegas?


Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?


Does Las Vegas still have ties to the mob?


Was it safer when the mob ran Las Vegas?


Are there really a lot of bodies buried in the desert around Las Vegas?


Am I allowed to take photographs in Las Vegas casinos?


What can and can't be done with a cell phone in the casinos? 


What is the least expensive time to visit Las Vegas?


When's the best time not to come to Las Vegas?


What's it like on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas?


What's the story behind the Welcome to Las Vegas sign?


How big is Las Vegas tourism?


When did neon arrive on the scene? 


Why was Las Vegas a good place to get divorced?


Why are divorce statistics so high in Las Vegas?


Is Las Vegas a good place to get married?


Where are the most romantic places for Valentine's Day?


What's required to become a resident of Nevada?


Can I obtain a Nevada ID if I'm only a part-time resident?


What are the pros and cons of relocating to Las Vegas?


Is it legal to carry concealed handguns into Las Vegas casinos?


As Nevada is an open-carry state, where can't you openly carry your gun?


Why aren't casino security guards armed?


What's the earthquake situation in southern Nevada?


Can people visit the storm tunnels that run under the Strip?


What are the most daredevil stunts performed in Las Vegas?


Which celebrities have behaved badly in Las Vegas?


Can anything be done about the buskers and street performers downtown?


Can anything be done about the smut peddlers on the Strip?


Could cars ever be banned from the Strip like on Fremont Street?


How many people are employed on the Strip?


Have all the lights on the Strip ever gone dark?


What happens to all the coins thrown into fountains and water features?


Is the tap water in Las Vegas good, just okay, or bad?


Is it legal to spread a loved one's ashes on the Las Vegas Strip? 


How many first-time visitors come to Las Vegas every year?


Where is Las Vegas' Chinatown?


Does Las Vegas really have the most churches per capita in the U.S.?


What is the town of Paradise, with its sign on the way to the airport? 


Should the capital of Nevada be switched from Carson City to Las Vegas?


Where are the closest supermarkets to the Strip and downtown? 


Where are the closest laundromats to the Strip and downtown?


Is there a curfew for those younger than 18?


Where can I find information about AA meetings in Las Vegas? 


Where can I find information about GA meetings in Las Vegas?



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  • Eric Watson Apr-28-2017
    What casino is it on the north end of the strip that has the balconies overlooking the strip on the second level and are those pool balconies?  It is around the Venetian area I think, on the east side I think too.

  • moemarino Aug-29-2017
    In spite of increased attention given to pedestrian deaths in and around Las Vegas, the death toll continues to rise. With half of 2017 gone by, the most recent Nevada FARS report indicates that pedestrian deaths just in Clark County have increased 65 percent over the same period last year. So far in 2017, 38 pedestrian deaths have been report, compared to 23 as of June 2016.

  • Keith Apr-25-2018
    LVA coupon book shippment
    I joined LVA recently and ordered the coupon book via mail. Anyone know when it get shipped and if tracking info is provided?

  • Wesley May-17-2018
    I ordered my coupon book. Does anybody know how long I takes to process and ship?

  • Jack Sharpe Dec-31-2018
    How do I renew my subscription online?

  • richard Mar-30-2020
    Software downloads?
    I ordered Dunbar's Risk Organizer (Invoice 587644 for order 587644)
    download. How do I get instructions to download it?