Las Vegas Dining FAQ


Las Vegas is one of the greatest restaurant cities in the world.


And that's no surprise. More than 43 million annual visitors, along with two million locals, have to be fed. 


As such, Vegas has some of the world's best restaurants, more gifted chefs than anyone can count, and an ability to serve superb food to every tourist and local.


These days, this city is as much about food as it is about gambling, nightclubs, shopping, and conventions. Here are some pages on this peerless dining scene. 



Which Las Vegas restaurants have the best view?


How many eggs are cooked in Las Vegas every day? 


How much beer is served by Las Vegas casinos every day? 


How many pounds of shrimp are consumed every day in Las Vegas restaurants?


Is the "Kobe" beef served in Las Vegas restaurants real or imitation?


Where can I find certified gluten-free restaurants in Las Vegas? 


Where's the closest In-N-Out Burger to the Strip? 


How much should I tip on a comped meal?


What are the three oldest restaurants in Las Vegas?


Where can we partake in heat-busting refreshments during the summer?


Which Strip restaurants have private rooms that can accommodate 40-50 guests for dinner? 




Can you give me some tips for maximizing my Las Vegas buffet experience? 


How long has Las Vegas been famous for its buffets?


How much should I tip at a buffet? 


Do any Las Vegas buffets take reservations? 


Can I still bypass the line at the Bellagio buffet and eat at the bar?


What's the deal with the all-day buffet pass? 


Are there any special holiday buffets?  


Are there any 24-hour buffets?


What happens to the leftover food from Las Vegas buffets? 





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  • Susan Miller Apr-15-2017
    Great beer prices
    We found a really good drink deal the last time we were in Vegas. At the back of the Miracle Mile shops, there is a restaurant called Ketchup.......great burgers & dogs at very reasonable prices. On weekdays from 3-6 pm they have $2.00 16 oz drafts of Bud Light.

  • deke @ lva Apr-15-2017
    Susan -- Great find. We didn't know about it. We'll check it out the next time we're in the neighborhood. Thanks!

  • Lidschreiber May-24-2019
    Wer kann mir sagen ...
    woher wissen die Restaurants von meiner Mitgliedschaft bei LVA um mir die Rabatte zu geben ... habe viel gesucht, aber auf der Plattform keinen Hinweis gefunden. Liebe Grü?e