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Currently only one buffet are operating in Las Vegas. Here are the details.



South Point - Garden Buffet: Brunch, Sat & Sun, 8 a.m.-3 p.m., $21.95/$17.95; Lunch, Mon-Fri, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., $14.95/$11.95; Dinner, Mon-Sun, 4 p.m.-8 p.m., $22.95/$18.95.



Last Updated: January 2021

Location Area Price Club
South Point - Garden Buffet Off Strip
Prime Rib Brunch Sat-Sun 8am - 3pm $21.95 $17.95
Lunch Mon-Fri 11am - 3pm $14.95 $11.95
Prime Rib Dinner & Peel & Eat Shrimp Sun-Sat 4pm - 8pm $22.95 $18.95


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  • [email protected] Mar-21-2017
    star ratings
    The buffet list is lacking the star ratings that were on the old list.  Is this the new normal or just a oversight?

  • deke @ lva Mar-21-2017
    ratings in the above chart
    It's not the new normal, though it could be considered an oversight. We didn't know anyone wanted the ratings in the chart. Now we do -- so we'll add it to our list of fixes. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Charlene Thomas Mar-22-2017

  • Patricia Mar-24-2017
    Email deals for wicked spoon

  • James Hoffman Mar-31-2017
    buffet notes
    Has the buffet notes column been eliminated ?

  • [email protected] Apr-12-2017
    Who cares about corn!
    I can eat corn at home! The Wynn buffet is outstanding at every meal including lunch, which many buffets often "skimp" on! Almost everything there tastes fresh. Like most buffets, there is never enough variety of "cooked sushi" or fish, but the custom Mongolian BBQ makes up for this. Great crab legs, meats, poultry, soups, action stations. If the slots are "kind" we often eat there a few times during our trip. An attentive beverage and plate service in a beautiful room. We didn't like the quail, as we felt like we were eating our canary, but the Cornish Hens were nice. Lamb as tender and flavorful as the prime rib. Mama Wynn's bread pudding! (Yes, we also eat cheaper meals off-Strip as well.) 

  • [email protected] May-07-2017
    I can't believe the breakfast prices i am seeing from these places.I mean how much of breakfast can you eat.Also some of the discounts you can get the same with your players card.You have to watch on these buffets also as the dinner menu will have a lot of old food from the lunch menu as they have a lot of the same stuff on both feedings,but i personally like to stay away from them unless something special.

  • Audeo Jul-18-2017
    Recommended/Rated Buffets
    Is there a top 10 list or recommended list of buffets?

  • rod2017 Aug-13-2017
    what happen to the star ratting on the buffets? that was the best thing about this site. is it coming back???

  • deke @ lva Aug-31-2017
    star ratings
    The star ratings are there; they're just a little faint and hard to see when no one has rated a buffet yet. You'll find them in the top right on the buffet pages, right after Rating: and just above the View All User Comments.

  • 2491099 Sep-02-2017
    I hope this listing improves.
    Where is the Star Ratings and ALL the OLD COMMENTS, prior to this NEW WEBSITE???  This format gives the impression that the programmer was a bit lazy.

  • 2491099 Sep-27-2017
    Star ratings
    Star ratings should be visible ON THE LIST, I really do not like reading ALL the listed buffets just to find the star rating.

  • vegasdawn Oct-24-2017
    Mirage Buffet is great
    We went yesterday and also 2 weeks ago because of the coupons.  That is one coupon we would never let go to waste.  The food was great as usual, Walt especially loves the fish offerings, carving station, and especially the clam chowder, and all the beer and wine included in the price.  The salad section is wonderful with all the fancy cheeses and breads.  Very nice.  Hope the coupon is there next year.

  • Rocky Dec-10-2017
    Gold member
    Cant see any deal pertaining to gold memebers? How to access it?

  • [email protected] Dec-15-2017
    buffet coupons added
    I like the addition of the buffet coupon offers from the Member Rewards book so you can easily see what buffets have the coupon discounts.  Good move.

  • Kitty Jan-18-2018
    New to this- Buffet 2 for 1
    Hi, I just purchased this, new to this whole idea. I am planning to visit LAS end of Feb. For the buffet at Wynn, the coupon for is only for lunch? Do I get to use one coupon per section as listed above? Mainly interested in Aria and Wynn buffets for dinners..
    Also the hotel deals don't look that great, is there a better way to find a better rate? Thank you much for any insights. 

  • Joanne Brown Feb-28-2018
    Westgate lunch
    What time and cost is Westgate lunch only coupon for?

  • james Mar-05-2018
    Coupon book
    How long does it take to get your coupon book in the mail after you gone?

  • deke @ lva Mar-06-2018
    coupon book
    James, we're not sure what you're asking. 

  • Joanne Brown Apr-02-2018
    Westgate Lunch
    What are the times for the Westgate Lunch coupon? It doesn’t look like they are open for lunch but 5his book offers a coupon for lunch. They are open according to this site for breakfast, weekend brunch, and dinner so 2hen is this coupon for? 

  • [email protected] Jun-08-2018
    Many off-strip buffets close between meals
    Boyd, Rampart and many others of-strip. However, some more expensive and Strip Buffets do not. You can determine this by looking at the above list. I believe that this is because these buffets need the extra customers, as the one we always go early to,  was not-as-busy without the fugal early birds. The really good ones have special lunch items that do not carry over into dinner. We always skip a meal before, to enjoy a truly premium buffet.

  • Robert Gilman Aug-05-2018
    Why does the cosmopolitan buffet have no stars ?

  • David Oct-24-2018
    Cosmopolitan, be aware...
    To receive the 2/1 coupon at Cosmo buffet, you must enrol to their Identity Club. Once that you are enrolled, you only can use their coupon once. This means that if you buy the booklet of coupons for next year you wont be able to redeem it again unless you are with a friend or a family member not enrolled to the Identity Club. 

  • rickscholz Dec-27-2018
    Gold Coast Price Change
    At Gold Coast, the breakfast club discount is just $1, making the actual price $8.99, not $7.99 as listed above. 

  • SoulSeekerUSA Jan-11-2019
    Prices, WOW
    It has been a while since I have been to Vegas but I used to live there.  The prices for the buffets are 5-10 times the price they were 20 years ago.  I was looking through these and I cannot believe what they are charging these days.  Cheap food used to be part of the draw to Vegas, no wonder tourism is half of what it used to be.

  • Patrick Campbell Apr-29-2019
    Gold Coast Buffet
    The Champagne brunch at the Gold Coast is now on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Edso Dec-16-2019
    Medley Buffet at the Orleans
    we really enjoy the Medley Buffet at the Orleans, but loved it more back when it was $7.99.  We usually hit it when we have food vouchers or get the Two for Tuesday comp when we come into town for a few days.  Food tastes good and there is a nice selection.  Service has also been excellent every time we go, which has been more than a dozen times in the last 6 years.

  • stella777 Jul-03-2020
    I rested in vegas last year

  • uvikal Jul-04-2020
    Las Vegas
    I recently returned from a fabulous Vegas vacation. We bought a VegasStronger vacation package and had a great time. It is very convenient that this company provides the ability to customize the package to suit your needs. I would highly recommend them for your next Vegas vacation.

  • Rodney Jul-15-2020
    So there are exactly zero discounted buffets on the Strip or downtown for solo diners.  

  • Robert Matthews Jan-21-2021
    Only buffet going right now...BUT a good one
    My wife and I were at South Point January 2021 for business. We stayed at South Point when we go to Las Vegas from so. Cal. 240 miles one way. This buffet was absolutely delicious. I am not a foodie or professional, but the prime rib was very very good and medium rare to  medium on request. It was sooo good. My wife's piece was the same. You MUST have a reservation, and a players card for a discount. Since we stayed there, we received a half off coupon for the lunch buffet so basically two for one because we each had a coupon from the funbook they gave us on arrival. All food was served as you cannot serve yourself or is very limited. Super friendly wait staff and efficient. I think the prices listed here are a little low for the current times. Masks required in the entire casino. They even asked me to lower my my mask when I was smoking a cigar. Very enjoyable buffet with lots of choice including Mongolian stir fry.gelato.white chocolate covered cheesecake pops **** for sure

  • Mariza Shavelle Feb-22-2021
    buffets in LV
    I'm a local now. There is only the one casino buffet (Southpoint) open now. There are several buffets open that aren't located in casinos. Chinatown has a few, John's Incredible, Mint Indian..just to name a few. I expect that towards the end of March or beginning of April, we will see a few more casino buffets come back online as demands pick up and vaccines are more prevalent.