Recognize this man? Sure, you do.You've seen him dozens of times on the Travel Channel, A&E, Discovery, E! Entertainment, BBC, and on and on. And you frequently read his comments in the national press. He's Anthony Curtis and he's the most recognized and quoted Las Vegas expert in the world.

Anthony moved to Las Vegas in 1978, shortly after he turned 21. As a young scuffler without much of a bankroll, he had to rely on his gambling skills, his street smarts, and casino promotions, loss leaders, and inadvertent largesse. In the process of taking advantage of every coupon, steak special, and drink discount in town, he became an authority in navigating Vegas on the cheap. It didn't take him long to realize that plenty of Las Vegas visitors and locals could profit from his expertise and advice. Thus, in 1983, the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter was born.


Today, 34 years, nearly 400 issues monthly of LVA, more than 100 books, and thousands of web pages later ...  if you're looking for the best information about Las Vegas and gambling, you've come to the right place.


At LasVegasAdvisor.com, our philosophy is all about getting the most out of Vegas. Our monthly newsletter, the real-money savings from the incredible book of coupons that comes with it, our gambling books and products, and the voluminous up-to-date information on this website all guarantee it.



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"I must say that I was skeptical at first but I'm impressed with the details of in your monthly newsletters. You cover various subjects and always manage to show the customer (me) how they could save money. I am glad that I decided to become a member: I saved well beyond the $50 membership and just ran out of time to use all the discounts. I never ran into a problem using the coupons and was totally shocked at some of the prices I was able to get at the buffets! Keep up the good work. As long as I keep coming to Vegas I will be a member." (play123****@hotmail.com, customer)


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"Love your publications, coupons, and site almost as much as I love Las Vegas!!" (Steven S., July 2013)


"Thanks for working out a free room at the Cosmopolitan. Wow; we have a free room on Friday and Saturday, and the resort fee is waived! This is at least a $300 value, even at players' rates. Deals like this are the reason LVA is so valuable. Keep up the good work!" (Michael K., subscriber)


"Just returned from 2 days in LV. Used a LVA Deal of the Day for a great room rate at Paris. Used the Mirage Buffet coupon and the Palms 50% off for dinner at Blue Agave. After discount, dinner for 4 with drinks for 2 cost $65.00 plus tip. Would have used the Paris buffet coupon but we left the MRB in the car. Downloaded the Burton Magic show coupon before we left and gave it to friends, and bought tickets and discount dinner coupon through your site for Vegas The Show to be used later this month. HAVE NEVER, EVER BEEN UNHAPPY WITH THE LVA, AND YOU JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!" ([email protected], customer)


"I'm a Video Poker player and the best item offered, bar none, is Bob Dancer's Video Poker for Winners. It has allowed me to improve my skills for the game I play now (9/6 JoB) and learn the best strategies for the ones I want to learn (Bonus, DB, and DDB Poker). Best gaming investment I ever made. Thanks!" (Chuck - customer)


"Love your site and your newsletter. You folks do one hell of a lot of leg work to put it all together for those of us who only make one pilgrimage per year to Las Vegas. Thanks again for you great site. I should buy all of you a beer! Or even two!" (bravofdc - subscriber)


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